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Folium enables organizations to track and manage all related wallet transactions, token vesting, off-chain convertibles on any public or private blockchain.
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Folium offers a better way to manage and track your related wallets, on-chain transactions and off-chain convertible agreements. Whether proving your token allocations, managing token vesting and generating reports for compliance, Folium has you covered.

Folium is the ledger behind the ledger, where related positions and transactions are tracked.
Tag and track on-chain transactions between related wallets
Deploy and implement secured smart contracts for token vesting
Know where you stand on token and fiat cap table ownership
Clean up offline arrangements and transparently manage related token transactions and ownership data.
Track your individual token vesting and compensation, NFT royalties, wallet transactions via a token holder portal.
Know where everyone stands on tokens ownership in real time. View on-chain trading intel and notifications.
Transparently track related wallets, smart contracts and transactions with administrator and individual tokenholder portals.
Provide transparency and insights with wallet owners intel and trading analytics for stakeholders with AML / KYC friendly data.
Track and instantly notify stakeholders of significant transactions over popular messaging platforms and mediums.
Get started quickly within minutes with our user-friendly interface or launch employee tokens with our legal templates.
Deploy and track secured smart contracts for simple and complex team vesting, investments and vendor payments.
Fiat cap table
Organize and create a single source of truth with your token and equity ownership with an integrated solution.
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"It's apparent that now is the time for better management and oversight in crypto and blockchain. We have been impressed with Sprout's strategic and product vision and development speed, and we believe Sprout will be a catalyst to bring positive changes in how we invest, manage and govern."
Wei Zhou,
Senior Advisor, Old Fashion Research & Former CFO, Binance
“I’ve been impressed by the tremendous value the company brings in terms of supporting the management of equity and token compensation for our employees. In particular, token management is becoming a critical part of any firm’s operational and compensation plans.”
Andy Ann, Co-founder & CEO, YAS Digital